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Nazca - Perú New Discoveries will change the world forever!

Our history is being unearthed as we are becoming more and more technologically advanced. Recently, in Nazca - Perú a group of Peruvian archaeologists discovered a tomb with many mummies. A team of prominent scientists and reporters flew to Perú invited by Peruvian archaeologists to investigate the nature of this new discovery. This team of experts was put together by Gaia TV Senior Director of Content Jay Weidner. The group is formed by Russian Scientist Konstantin Korotkov, famous reporter and ufologist from Mexico Jaime Maussan, Mexican Forensic authority Dr. Jose de Jesus Salce Benitez, Radiologist. M.K Jesse and many more investigators around the world.

There have been speculations about the Nazca elongated skulls for many years that they were alien skulls, but many historians discredited this theory claiming the Incas were known for deforming the skulls and reshaping the head of important people like possibly rulers, with the purpose of giving them this distinctive look.

Important is to say that if the elongated skull look was a synonym for belonging to an upper class or ruler class, then there has to be a reason and origin for this Inca practice. Were these beings their rulers, and they wanted to look like them? Mummies with elongated skulls are prominent around the world. Another example are the Egyptian Kings.

With this recent discovery in Perú and all the scientific data, medical exams and profound analysis we are learning that these beings that once walked the Earth are indeed interplanetary beings. The DNA samples and scientific results show that their DNA is very similar to us humans but with significant differences.

Mythology in Perú speaks about beings that were messengers of God who inhabited Peruvian land and commingled with the natives locals. All the ancient and modern tapestries depict super beings with elongated skulls and hands with 3 fingers and not 5. These beings had different shapes and sizes and were revered and respected by the Ancient Cultures of Perú. Nazca is a civilization according to historians that starts 250 years BC through 700 AD.

The team lead by Korotkov, suggest that this mummy is not from this Earth and belongs to a period in history much earlier than the Nazca Culture.

With this new discoveries, we are starting to understand the history that never made it to our school books and college texts. Once the investigation is completed and it becomes available to the public it will prove that our human race is the result, not necessary from Adam and Eve, but from out of space Ancestors that came to the Earth and seeded humanity.

I am really excited for this discoveries because Truth is really important for all humans. Knowing who our ancestors are will open the doors to Earthlings to become cosmic citizens of our Universe. Yes, we are not alone!

To watch this amazing video please click on the video image ,

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Pierre Garreaud - Machu Picchu


September 21 - October 4th, 2017

Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca

With Pierre Garreaud and Janice Johnson


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