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Finding My Life's Puzzle Missing Piece

Living a fulfilled life implies that the many pieces of our puzzle are discovered and put in the right place. By matching the Life’s puzzle design we are able to feel One, Complete and Whole.

Through my entire life, I have been a seeker of Spirituality. My path took me away from my Catholic upbringing at the age of 22 years old in search for a more mystical path. During those early years, I went to Chile looking for a Benedictine Convent to explore the possibility of becoming a monk within the Church. But, my deep desire was to express myself through music and Art. Music brought me to the USA to pursue a Music education at Berklee College of Music in Boston. After completing my studies I moved to Los Angeles where I had a successful career in the music business, but most importantly, I found one of my spiritual pillars when I was introduced to the teachings of Master Paramahansa Yogananda. The deep mystical approach of Yoganada to Christianity brought me back to reconnect with the real truth I knew existed in Jesus Christ. After years of being committed to studying and meditating, I was initiated in Kriya yoga. At the same time in my life, shamanism literally knocked at my door when a good friend of mine sent over a Shaman from the Rainforest of Peru. The Ceremony message was that I was to deepen my understanding on the importance to be profoundly connected to Mother Earth. At this point of my life explorations, things came together and I projected myself out of my alchemist cocoon as a Sound Light Healer.

Rumira Waldorf inspired In Cusco.

This School in Ollantaytambo is being built. It is our second inspired Waldorf School for the Inca kids.

When I found my identity as a sound healer I committed myself to be of service to a suffering world by bringing healing, workshops, ceremonies and mentoring of individuals. I have been very happy with my work since I made the decision to offer healing to others. But again, I was still missing some pieces to my Life's Puzzle.

The needs to build lasting relationships, to have a community and to belong to something more altruistic have always been the missing link until now. For the last 20 years, as I look back, I have always been "solo" in my endeavors. I have been doing things to better the world but never sought partnership. One of these altruistic projects was to inspire and support a Waldorf School initiative in the Andes for over 12 years, culminating last year in the graduation of our 1st class of students. Another cause has been to assist seekers of alternative healing by exposing them to the unlimited world of healing plants, barks, and herbs in the rainforest of Perú.

Finally, the missing piece of my puzzle appeared to me last year as it promised to extend healing on a much bigger scale and not just in a one on one basis.

During September of 2016, my partner Janice Johnson invited me to participate in Doterra's Essential Oils Convention. To my surprise, as I was only expecting the convention to be all about direct sales and network marketing, I found a company deeply committed to changing the world through Love, Healing and Nurturing by using essential oils as a medium. I spent 3 days listening to testimonials on how people healed, learned about their pure therapeutic oils and supplements designed to prevent illness and, most importantly, I saw the amazing humanitarian work they do around the world. During these 3 days, I share the space with a vibrant and loving community, where love finds its way through compassionate action and as a result, I was completely moved and wanted to be part of this amazing community in a deeper way. Suddenly I have found a group of people connected at a heart level with the deep CAUSE of helping transform the world one drop of oil at a time.

Our first Waldorf School initiative recently graduated their first class. It has being 12 years of continuous support that enabled Lourdes Stevens (my teacher and founder) to reach the amazing goal of providing the best education of our times to the Children of the Andes. The Kusi Kawsay School is located in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Doterra brings a new business model to the world that allows its members to channel love and compassion by sharing these awesome essential oils. The sharing of these healing tools with families, individuals, schools and healing centers is such a rewarding experience that it’s changing the way we live. We are so excited to be sharing the healing benefits of these oils that create no side effects to the physical body. In opposition to the pharmaceutical drugs do.

It has been 8 months since my partner Janice and I committed to expanding our healing work by entering into a partnership with Doterra. The final result we are seeing from sharing the products is that by creating a nice steady financial cushion we will be capable of doing more altruistic endeavors moving forward. In the near future, we want to approach Doterra's nonprofit Healing Hands to help us support the indigenous children of the Andes of Peru by continuing creating more Waldorf-inspired schools. Furthermore, we are already talking with Doterra's Co-impacting Sourcing department and are creating the possibility for them to tap into the unlimited source of healing herbs, plants and tree barks in the rainforest of Perú. One of my goals is to be able to introduce crops already growing naturally in the area like Lemon Balm (Melissa Essential Oil) to replace the exorbitant cultivation of Coca plants. The honorable salaries paid by Doterra will help farmers shift their interest towards planting lemon balm, - an amazing herb that helps to fight depression - instead of plants used to create killer drugs. By doing so, we will achieve many goals, reduce production of cocaine and offer a natural solution for depression with Melissa.

Janice and I are building a community of Love and Healing through Doterra. We are so excited about Doterra that it is contagious and are attracting so many amazing like-minded individuals to our team where we are sharing many spiritual, emotional and healing teachings. Our team is our family, our tribe and we are extremely vibrant about it.

We are extending the invitation for you to join us on this beautiful adventure. Please email us if you want to learn, use or share Doterra Oils. We want YOU to be part of our loving family.

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