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Sound Light Nation

Group Healing Ceremony

With Master Sound Healers

Janice Johnson, Pierre Garreaud, Cindy Young & Steven Bachmann

September 18, 2019, at 7:00 pm
Bristol Town Hall, 45 Summer Street, Bristol NH

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For the first time Janice, Pierre, Steven, and Cindy are coming together as Sound Light Nation. Many healers are uniting under Sound Light Nation to provide group Sound Healing Ceremonies with the intention to deliver high vibrational frequencies in Sacred Space. As you join this powerful event, both your Light Body and Physical Body will interact with these High Vibrational Energies and as a result, blockages and unwanted energies will melt away clearing the way to attaining inner freedom. Your energy Centers or Chakras will expand and open up allowing the Creator’s Loving Energy to rise up your spine all the way to your Pineal Gland, the home of the Spirit.

Higher states of consciousness like enlightenment, Samadi or Nirvana happen when the energy centers are fully open. In reality, these higher states are experienced in the body through several glandular secretions that modulate the way we feel when in a state of Oneness. In other words, these hormones allow us to have the physical sensation of entering Samadi. There are over 1,200 hormones produced by the body when entering high states of Consciousness, being Oxytocin and Vasopressin the most important ones. When we have this spiritual and physical awakening the body is flushed with Divine Energy creating the hormonal chemistry needed to achieve deep healing of any physical, mental and/or spiritual ailments. When our bodies align to the Divine Matrix we are automatically healed and restored.

One of the deep effects of vibrating sound & light waves is the creation of Body heat. When the cells in our body (composed mainly of water and space) move and vibrate as they entrained to the sound in Ceremony they heat up from the inside opening the mitochondria As this happens the cells release toxins as well as charged emotional data stored in the cells.

This a very unique and special event as the sounds created between the drums and didjeridoos promises to shake every molecule in the body. Janice and Cindy will be helping participants direct their Kundalini energies from the lower chakras to the third eye and above.

Get ready to ride the Soundwaves to the Center of the Universe!

Energy Exchange: $80.00   


To register please pay online via credit card or send a check photo (front and back) via email to

Please bring comfortable attire, water, a nice comforter or sleeping bag mat and pillows to lay on the floor.

For more information on the Heal the Healer workshop please call 818-262-1659 or email us at

Register today to Reserve your space!
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