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Peru Sacred Tours

is a Tour Operator company designed to provide a 'Magical Experience' for groups, couples, or single people wanting to travel within Perú. All programs and excursions provide a wonderful experience to the travelers allowing them to immerse themselves in the Inca culture, their sacred ways, their farming, and lifestyle all colored within spectacular breathtaking landscapes.

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Why Travel with us?

Perú Sacred Tours has professional tour guides, van services and personal that help with coordinating all activities making any journey in Perú unforgettable. Our drivers are reliable, attentive, punctual and conscious of our traveler's safety. Our tour guides are knowledgeable and go beyond what is taught at the Tourism school; they are warm and know the Living culture of the Incas because it is their own and they are proud of it.

Don't waste precious travel time because of

Logistic Mistakes

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Our foremost priority is to keep each and every one of the group travelers safe. We acknowledge that traveling in the Rainforest and Andes of Perú has its risks especially when weather conditions are challenging and demanding. 


At our Company, we have a team of professional tour guides and excellent skilled drivers that when challenged to make quick decisions, the safety of all travelers comes first.


Our Company has over 25 years of experience working with Native Healers and Curanderos from many different locations around Perú.


Our Shamans - 'Curanderos' hold the highest levels of integrity and standards, and honor all individuals that come with an open heart to commune with them in Sacred Ceremony.




Through many years of experience, we have discovered that the most suitable accommodation for an experiential mystical journey is a Retreat Center. The Retreat Centers we work with are very private and safe. They are nestled around magnificent landscapes that reflect back mysticism and quietness. Greatly expanded areas for retreating, walking, meditating or just process and integrate the ceremonies received. Accommodations are usually double occupancy, but single occupancy is also available. Our centers are owned by well-respected shamans. They have been designed and built with the intention to provide a safe haven for individuals interested in expanding and advancing spiritually. Relax, Reconnect and find Inner Peace.


Perú Sacred Tours designs, organize and coordinates all the activities for a group, couples or a person interested in working with the Herbalists Shamans of the Rainforest, the Q’ero Inca Priests of Cuzco and/or the Moche San Pedro Shamans of Chiclayo.



Our travelers always leave Perú transformed at very different levels by being exposed to the Inca Spirituality, the rich and diverse culture of Perú and the amazing landscapes and breathtaking Sacred Sites.


It is hard to put this amazing, life-changing, healing journey into one paragraph. This is a must experience tour of Peru with Pierre and Janice of Peru Sacred Tours. Pierre and Janice are the most loving and caring people I have ever met.

Their passion and love for what they do shows

in everything we experienced on this magical tour.
Everything is well planned with lovely people, unique places and absolutely delicious food. I felt very safe and absolutely well taken care of the.....


Reviewed Nov 24, 2019....... Andrea


I participated in the Rainforest Ayahuasca tour and the Machu Picchu San Pedro tour with Peru Sacred Tours. My trip to Peru with Pierre Garreaud changed my life completely. I quit a job that no longer fulfilled me before I arrived in Peru with the intention of finding out who I was, what my passion was, and where my path would lead me next. I got all those answers and more.

I saw a beautiful country with kind and helpful people, amazing Incan buildings and artwork. I participated in healing ceremonies. I hiked the Amazon Rainforest and climbed Machu Picchu. All of this was made easy and ...


Reviewed  AUG 27, 2018 ...tbo24

Our Friendly Staff

A Company serviced by Peruvians

Peru Sacred Tours staff are well trained and dedicated to performing with excellence. Service is our priority, we take absolute care of our travelers and spiritual seekers.

We know the energies of our Mother Earth in Perú are very nurturing and transformative. 

We also understand and respect the vulnerable state created by these energies, which are a precursor for profound healing and awakening. Our friendly staff knows how to hold sacred space for you.