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Eat, Pray, and Love Yourself

With the Twin Shamans, Pierre Garreaud and Janice Johnson
El Silencio - Los Pulpos Beach - Lima - Perú
March 3 - 10, 2024*  7 NIGHTS 


Perú Sacred Tours is pleased to offer an amazing Retreat guided by Janice Johnson, the Twin Shamans: Doña Ysabel, Doña Olinda, and Pierre Garreaud.  An interactive 7-day group program for anyone who wants to expand spiritually, learn Peruvian Cuisine, and relax at the beach.


Janice Johnson creates a nurturing environment where it’s safe for everyone to become vulnerable — all of which is necessary to learn and grow. The Twin Shamans are master healers from Perú and will be offering deep profound healing and nurturing. These retreats are very personal and we go deep.

Laughter and fun, two great ingredients, are part of our retreat priorities because they help raise our spiritual vibration and boost our immune system. With that in mind, we have designed as an essential part of the retreat, a 2-hour daily experience on Peruvian Gourmet cuisine. Guided by a professional Chef and Pierre Garreaud you will learn and enjoy how to cook some of the best worldwide awarded Peruvian dishes. And of course, eat these delicious dishes.


We limit our retreat to a small intimate number of participants to ensure a powerful experience. We intend to provide solutions based on your life challenges and to be sure that your voice will be heard.

If you are seeking to grow spiritually, heal your heart, find your life purpose, and empower yourself to follow your dreams... This workshop is for you!  


Self-healing is a personal journey where we bring ourselves to harmony within.

Our Mission:

  • We want to guide you to life-altering changes that will allow you to deal with emotions in healthy ways, and help you gain perspectives on life challenges!

  • To assist you in releasing old wounds from the past, and embrace passion, tranquility, and self-worthiness as you step forward on your journey!

  • To help you regain confidence, but most of all learn to TRUST Again.

  • To offer you tools and clarity on past issues and challenges to move smoothly into your new future.


Included with this tour: Van transportation, Mesada Ceremonies, herbal and floral treatments with shamans, all lodging, and meals, excursions.

Not included: Your ticket from your country to Peru, any extra days in Lima, meals, and taxis, any additional healing sessions with shamans and any early departure expenses. 

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Deposit $1,200.00 USD


Balance $1,200.00 USD

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Machu Picchu

2-day Option

$600.00 USD

March 10 - 12, 2024

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Twin Shamans & Janice Johnson


MARCH 3 - 10, 2024


Retreat Cost: $2,400.00 USD


Peru Sacred Tours - Miraflores

Day 0 Miraflores   

Travel day from your country to the city of Lima. You are responsible for your flight ticket to Perú. Most flights leaving the US are red eye arriving at Lima's Airport in the early morning. If you desire to spend a day or two in Lima we can help you coordinate your stay. Please allow enough time for connecting flights.

Early morning arrival to Lima, at the Jorge Chavez International Airport. If you decide to come a day early our shuttle service will pick you up at the gate once you leave customs with your luggage and will transfer you to the Cosmopolitan City of Miraflores. You can spend this day in the City of Miraflores and experience a City tour, beaches, restaurants, and shops.  

Peru Sacred Tours - Meditation in Mancora beach

Day 1 Welcoming Ceremony in El Silencio Beach

Early departure to the Southern Beach area of Lima. Our Van Service will pick you up at La Paz Apart Hotel in Miraflores and transfer you to our home at the beach, 1 hr. drive.

Upon arrival, we will meet and share time with the Twin Shamans in a Welcoming Ceremony. We will set intentions for our retreat.

Lunch at the Beach

Lodging accommodations at a property located in front of the beach.

Afternoon gathering to discuss our retreat schedule.

Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 11.09.51 AM.png

Our  Retreat will refresh, reconnect, and

recharge you in mind, body, and spirit. The retreat blends guided meditations, interactive processes, ceremonies, and sacred rituals beautifully crafted by Pierre Garreaud, Janice Johnson, and the Twins Shamans. Themes are catered to our group's needs, allowing each participant to focus on different areas of their lives that need healing, love, forgiveness, and inner growth.  What a wonderful gift to give yourself! 

Reawaken Your Joy and Passion for 

 Life is for participants facing crossroads such as family and job challenges, an empty nest, career change, a spiritual or midlife crisis, and for those seeking a greater sense of meaning and life purpose.


This retreat creates a safe space to explore,

understand, and grow yourself towards a more empowered perspective on living and loving. Through thought-provoking activities, participants will leave with optimism, tools for change, and deep, resonant joy. Guided group activities, indoors and outdoors in nature, meditation, creative expression, personal reflection and a healthy environment lead to change and self-acceptance.

Gourmet Cooking Classes

To top it off, enjoy cooking and eating gourmet meals prepared by you under the guidance of a Peruvian Chef and Pierre Garreaud

Peru Sacred Tours - The Twin Shamans

For participants who want to uncover their truths.

Connect to your intuition, reclaim your soul's voice, feel empowered in your unique self-expression (whatever form it takes), and be inspired to inspire others with the inner jewels you will find at this powerful retreat.

Our Shaman's circle provides a loving and encouraging space to free your inner voices, speak your experience, enliven your possibilities, and connect more deeply within and with each other. Great shifts happen when daring greatly and sharing deeply.

Friendships are formed,

relationships emerge, and projections examined as women come to find their way in the world. Support, encouragement and acknowledgement result from our respect for each other’s process.


Peru Sacred Tours - The Twins

Step back from your day-to-day,

to surround yourself with beauty and nature for this transformative creative and spiritual journey. Let awe in and invite back mystery.

Being away from our busy lives and standing fully in nature’s beauty can deeply shift our perspective on our life and the world we live in.

Treat yourself to

  • Cozy stay at a beautiful beach, rooms with shared bathroom

  • Peruvian Cuisine Classes

  • Outdoor learning experiences

  • Instructional sessions with reflection time

  • Journal and supportive materials

  • Daily group meditations

  • Personal free time for rest and renewal

  • Periods of silence

  • Creative expression opportunities

  • Peaceful, waterfront setting


Our Location

A soul-satisfying, transformational retreat in the Beaches of  El Silencio - Los Pulpos, Perú.

 It’s a great getaway ocean location with temperate weather year-round.


Janice Chicama Dancing &.jpg


The 2-Day to Machu Picchu is optional for an additional price guided by Pierre only

Join us for a fabulous retreat of souls who gather from all across the globe. Journey to a place of surrender and know that space is being held for you. Janice and the Twin Shamans are master guides at helping you move beyond the ego and dive straight into your heart. Pierre Garreaud will be available to us with his precious healing sounds and cooking talents. 

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