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illapu's Calling by Pierre Garreaud

illapu's Calling by Pierre Garreaud

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Chicama, Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley,
Lake Titicaca & Aramu Muru
November 10 - 21, 2019  * 


A tour guided by Pierre Garreaud and Janice Johnson carefully crafted to deliver spiritual expansion. Our self-development and spiritual advancement is 100% interconnected with the consciousness of Mother Earth. When we are at peace with ourselves the Earth is at Peace, and when we are out of alignment and completely immersed in chaos, the Earth also mirrors that reality. We are multidimensional beings designed to create extraordinary things and miracles. It is time for all humans to awaken and release themselves from the bonds of slavery and ignorance. We are in the midst of the great transformation, with that, many Earth changes are at hand, but also human changes that will redesign our species. It is indeed a very powerful time to be alive.

ILLAPU is the Inca's Deity for Thunder and Lightning - Sound & Light -, Illapu is the trumpet announcing the return of the Light, the time where we meet ourselves in our highest form, our luminous highest self. A call to create a physical temple capable of holding our Higher Self, a call to embody all of our potentials and possibilities.


During this tour, travelers will have extraordinary exchanges of energies with powerful vortexes of Light only available in the Andes of Perú. Pierre, through his Sound healing and chants, has the ability to activate the kundalini energies that reside dormant at the root of the spine. In the rising of the Amaru, the mother Serpent, the subtle energy centers are purified from denser energies, karma, past life negative information, and ancestral negative programming. ARE YOU READY TO BRING YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIGHT SIGNATURE AND PLANT IT IN THE ANDES FOR BALANCING THIS WORLD?




Machu Picchu,

Sacred Valley, 


Nov 10 - 18, 2019


Tour Cost $2,500.00 USD

Deposit $1,300.00 USD

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Balance $1,200.00 USD

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Xtra Option

Lake Titicaca

Aramu Muru


Nov 18 - 21, 2019


Cost $600.00 USD


2nd Option $600.00 USD

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Both Options in Full $3,000 USD

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Full Tour

Pending Balance $1,800 USD

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Janice Pierre Aramu Nov 2018 mandala.jpg

This Tour is a workshop on wheels. You will learn native Peruvian healing techniques as well as many healing tools that Pierre and Janice received as gifts after their initiations. Every day you will work with each other exchanging the healing tools you will learn during the tour. Prepare to go within,  reconnect with the Sacred,  awaken yourself to new inner landscapes and through the process of ceremonies and sacred rituals bring more and more light to offer our Mother Earth. You are a key participant in this Shift of Consciousness. Hiking is involved as well as some sleeping outdoors. There will be some plant medicine offered (Optional, not included in the price).


The places and photos below should give an idea of the locations we will visit. But for a more detailed program please call Pierre Garreaud. 603-581-2251



This Tour has been split in 2 legs, the first one includes Northern Perú, Sacred Valley, Cusco and Machu Picchu. And the 2nd leg includes Aramu Muru and Lake TITICACA. TRAVELERS CAN CHOOSE THE FIRST OPTION OR THE FULL TRIP.

Day 0  

Travel day from your country to the city of Lima. You are responsible for your flight ticket to Perú. Most flights leaving the US are red-eye arriving at Lima's Airport in the early morning. If you desire to spend a day or two in Lima we can help you coordinate your stay. Please allow enough time for connecting flights.

If you decide to come a day early please take a taxi (from Inside the airport) once you leave customs with your luggage and ask to be transferred to your Hotel in the Cosmopolitan City of Miraflores. You can spend the day in the City of Flowers, Miraflores and experience a City tour, beaches, restaurants, and shops. Accommodations, meals, taxi's and city tour are not included in the price of this sacred tour if you were to decide to come one or two days earlier to Perú.

Chicama Surf.png

Day 1  Welcoming Ceremony - Chicama

This is our first day of the Tour. Upon arriving at Lima's airport earlier this day or if you came a day earlier, we will meet at the airline's ticket counter prior to departing to the City of Trujillo, 2nd most important City on the coast of Perú and also, the Capital of the Moche Civilization.

Upon arrival, our Van Service will pick us up at the Trujillo Airport and then we will leave for Chicama Beach, a very pristine and magical beach, surfers mecca as it has the longest wave in the world.

Lunch at the port of Malabrigo

In the afternoon we will gather for a Welcoming Ceremony to connect to the Ancient energy and the Sacred Huacas, energy portals of this land. During our  4 day visit, we will have group initiations and we will work with the 4 elements, earth, water, wind and fire.

After our ceremony, we will have dinner in town or at our hotel

Stay: Chicama Boutique Hotel

Janice Chicama Dancing &.jpg

Day 2    The Four Elements in your Creation

Early Morning Meditation in the outdoor yoga area. Connecting with gratitude and abundance. Celebrating each other's presence.


Program: Working with the Wind, breath and movement. Creating your Sand Painting


Program: Charging your Light Body with the 4 elements. Defining your Soul Purpose and fueling your Dreams to manifest your future New You.

After our ceremony, we will have dinner in town or at our hotel

Stay: Chicama Boutique Hotel

Sandpainting Chicama copy 1.png

Day 3  Manifesting your dreams

Early Morning Meditation in the outdoor yoga area. Putting your Light On and Showing Up! Your greatest performance is still awaiting to birth!


Program: Sound Light and Energy Healing with Janice and Pierre.

Working with your Sand Painting.


Program: Working with your Piramide and the Creations you are bringing forth.

Dinner in town or at our hotel

Night Ceremony at Cerro Malabrigo, the Mountain of Chicama. San Pedro Medicine optional.

Stay: Chicama Boutique Hotel

Paso Horses.jpg

Day 4  Huaca Rajada  - Sra de Cao

Early Morning Meditation at the Beach and saying goodbye to our sand paintings.

Breakfast and departure.

Today we visit one of the most interesting Sacred Site of the Moche, a Royal Female Emperor who ruled this Culture. Sra. de Cao was a women healer and ruler of the Moche. At this Huaca, we connect with the Divine Sacred Feminine. We work on awakening our power center but through the heart.

Lunch: At a delicious restaurant that features the Peruvian Paso Horses

Check in at our hotel

After that, we will walk at the beach and gather for a talk prior to flying to Cusco the following day. We will integrate the work we have done and prepare for what is about to come the following days

Stay: Bracamonte Hotel in Huanchaco

Sra de Cao j & p.jpg

Day 5 Back to Lima

Early Breakfast and departure to Trujillo's airport. Arrival in Lima.

If this is your first day of the Tour. Upon arriving at Lima's airport earlier this day or if you came a day earlier, we will meet at the airline's ticket counter at 10 AM prior to departing to the City of Cuzco, the Capital of the Inca Empire. Our first group who came to Chicama will meet with the 2nd group going to Cusco and Puno

Travel to Cusco

Departure to Cusco

Once in Cusco, our Van Service will pick us up at the Cuzco Airport. We'll travel to the City of Cuzco to exchange money and drink some soothing coca leaf tea that will help us adjust to the altitude of the Andes.



In the afternoon we gather for a Welcoming Ceremony that helps us connect to the energy of the Land of the Incas, at the Sacred site of Sacsayhuaman

After our ceremony, we will travel to our Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Village of Ollantaytambo.

Day 6 Moray


Breakfast at our Resort. Early contemplation of the grounds and surrounding mountains. Personal moment to connect deeply with personal intentions for this sacred journey. Soon after, the group will meet with your group leader and tour guide at the Yoga conference room to talk about the intentions and objectives of our tour.

Lunch on the way


Departure to Moray with renowned local Shaman for a Mother Earth Ceremony. During Ceremony we connect our first chakra to the center of the Earth. We receive the unconditional love and nurturing of Pachamama.

After the ceremony, we return to our Retreat Center.

Coca leaf Group reading with Shaman.

Day 7.  Pisac & Departure to Machu Picchu


Breakfast at our Resort. Early travel to the sacred site of Pisac.  During the morning we will visit the sacred site of Pisac, making a stop at the Temple of the Sun. We will do Ceremony with a Shaman. In a  prayer mandala called Despacho, the Inca Priest will call in the Sun Light energies to bestow upon everyone in the group the blessings to awaken the inner seeds of our becoming. Prepare to receive this gift from Sun in your solar plexus. This initiation will awaken your inner power for acting with justice, balance and righteousness, - the non-reactive way -.
Lunch on the way

Mid-afternoon departure to Machu Picchu to the village of 'Aguas Calientes" or Machu Picchu Hot Springs. Two hour Train Ride descending into the rainforest as we snake through the canyons on the right side of the Vilcanota river.  We move from dry high mountain weather into humid jungle climate. The path of the Hummingbird.We arrive at the Village and transfer to or Hotel for the next 1 nights.

Day 8.  Machu Picchu Visit


Breakfast at our Hotel. We depart to the Machu Picchu Citadel at 5:40 
am. We travel by bus for 1/2 hour. Guided tour of the Citadel. 
We perform a gratitude Ceremony activating the portals of the City of Light.  We work on love for self and opening the Heart. -Open of the Heart exercises. Surrendering to joy.

We take the second tour to Wayna Picchu, which is optional. -Travelers that don't go to Wayna Pichu can meditate and walk the complex at their leisure.
Departure Machu Picchu by 2 pm to our hotel.


Early evening departure to the train station for our return to Ollantaytambo and transfer to Cuzco by Van to our hotel.


Aramu Women Retreat.jpg

Day 9. - Travel to Puno

Breakfast at our Hotel in Cusco. 

Morning departure to Lake Titicaca. A 6-hour drive of beautiful scenery. 

Lunch on the way: Fruits, bread, and beverages. 

Group dinner and pernoctation at our Hotel in Puno next to the Lake.

Meals from $8.00 to $15.00 Usd.

Day 10. - Lake Titicaca


Early breakfast at our Hotel in Puno. 
Early morning departure to the Floating Uros Islands and Taquile.

This excursion begins at 6:30 am at the port. We visit by motorboat the Uros Floating Islands. Stepping on the reed island very much feels like walking on a waterbed. We see the houses, the islands and meet its friendly inhabitants. Uros people are descendants of one of the oldest South American native people.  Once we leave Uros we travel by boat to Taquile Island.

After a 3 hr. relaxed navigation with spectacular views of Lake Titicaca, we get to Taquile island.  A long ascending path leads us to the village, the views are unique and spectacular.  We visit the Art craft Market with its high-quality textiles.

Lunch at one of the many local restaurants. Meals from $6.00 to $12.00 Usd.

We leave the Island and travel back to Puno to arrive around 5.30pm. Upon arrival at Puno, we transfer to our hotel. (Optional: pernoctation at the Uros Islands and Ceremony at night)

Dinner in town. Meals from $8.00 to $12.00 Usd

Day 11.  - Aramu Muru Portal


Early breakfast at our Hotel in Puno 

We visit the Amaru Meru (Aramu Muru) Portal, the "Gateway to the Gods". The myths speak about this big door carved on the rocky mountain as an interdimensional portal that connects to the Gods and Star Beings. We will do a special ceremony at this sacred site to help us remember who we are by tracking the information encoded in our DNA.

Lunch: Fruits, vegetables, bread, and water.


Return to Puno and transfer to our hotel.(Alternative Option: Sleep outdoors at the Gateway and Star Gazing)

Light Dinner 

Janice & Pierre front seats to Machu Pic

Day 12. Departure 


Breakfast at our Hotel in Puno. 

Visit Sillustani. _On the way, we observe the typical flora and rural scenes of this area. Upon arrival at the Sillustani Peninsula, we observe the huge funerary towers known as “Chullpas”. There is the belief that many Incas were buried here in the many Chullpas.

Early recap of our tour and preparation for our return back home. A process of integration will take place.
Lunch on the go.


Afternoon departure to Lima


Night departure from Perú. Please book flights after 10pm that night.


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