Unraveling The Mystery - Aramu Muru

It has been over a decade that I started bringing tours to my homeland Peru. Many things have happened through the years when bringing spiritual seekers to the Rainforest, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.


This year we went to Perú late September and October. It was very interesting to experience even further the Lake Titicaca area. One of my favorite places at the Lake is the Puerta de Hayu Marka or the Aramu Muru doorway. The locals call this door the Gateway to the Land of the Gods. The story tells that Amaru Muru and enlighten one was able to walk through the door to never return.


During the many years we have come to visit the Aramu Muru, we have brought prayers, offerings and Despacho Ceremonies (Inca Prayer Mandalas). In this way we have honored and acknowledged this Sacred Land which is known to be a very powerful vortex. Amaru Muru is certainly magical.


After driving for one hour by the side of Lake Titicaca, out of the blue, a new section of red hills appears from within an area of just granite rocks and mountains. This area resembles the red rocks of Sedona, and as you enter it, you can feel the energy of the place shifting . This energy is very light and invigorating. There is a hidden mystery at this location that I have been wanting to decipher. Every year, as I come to this place I know, I get closer and closer.


This year in October, I brought a group from the States and Canada to visit the Aramu Muru portal. My intention from the beginning had been to do an Inca prayer Mandala called Despacho, but as I got there something new came about as I was called to do something different first, and then the Despacho. My inner guidance told me to do a circle with deep red achiote powder and them with yellow turmeric powder. All these ingredients were bought a week earlier and I didn't know why I had bought them. I just saw them in the market and told the lady at the store that I needed them. After doing the circle with the two colors, then I put flowers petals and split the circle creating the four directions with the flowers.